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I love teaching and I am so blessed to be teaching your kiddos this year! I am a career changer and became a teacher after working as an environmental scientist for about 5 years. My first 5 years of teaching were in high school science in Maryland. I loved it so much I decided to get a Master's of Arts in Education. Since then I moved to middle school and I absolutley love it. 

I taught at Concordia in 2013-2015 but had to leave due to my spouses job relocation. My family and I have been living in London, England for the past 2 years. I worked as a teacher and long term substitue while overseas in an International School. We were delighted to be able to return to Concordia and plan to remain in San Antonio long term. My family and I are members here at Concordia and you will likely see us at one of the many events here all year round. 


B.S. Environmental Science & Geography (w/ GIS),

M.A. Ed. Education (differentiated Instruction), 

Educator Certification: Maryland grades 7-12 science, Texas grades 4-8 science

Conference times:

8:00 to 8:45 M, T

11:15-12:00 M-F

After School M, F

Before School Th, F


Conference Period

8 Wenthe: 8:53-9:40

8 Bodet: 9:43-10:26

7 Hamman: 10:29-11:14

Conference Period

Lunch: 12:02-12:50

7 Maresh: 12:53-1:40

STEM MWF: 1:45-2:30

Study Hall : 2:35-3:20

Planning Period: 2:35-3:20

STILE T/Th 2:35-3:20

Study Hall MWF 


  • Please email me if you have a question or concern about your students work.
  • My goal is to have major lab assignments and projects graded within one week of being turned in. My apologies if I do get behind. Please feel free to contact me if you are waiting for something specific.
  • Please check often for grades, missing assignments, late work, etc.
  • Check your students’ science binders often.

Texts and Materials:

  • We are using Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Science Fusion in the classroom daily. 
  • Books will go home occasionally but they will not stay home for long as there is no seperate class set. There is a digital textbook and students can use it as often as they please instead of lugging around their actual book. 
  • The digital curriculum is accessible by
    • Students usernames: last name first initial (ex. SmithJ)
    • Passwords: Cardinals#1
  • It is preferred that your student have a science binder exclusively, it is not required. They will get filled quickly and pose a risk to the quality of your students organization. 


  • Grading Scale: A-90-100, B 80-89, C 70-79, F 69 and below,
  • Incomplete and missing assignments will be calculated into the grade book as a 0 until the assignment is complete.
  • Grades will be updated by Monday mornings most weeks.

Psalm 24:1-2

The Earth is the Lord's and everything in it,

the world, and all who live in it;

for he founded it on the seas 

and established it on the waters.