Fine Arts Electives

Students will register for electives during back to school registration in August.  Details about days and times of each elective will be provided at that time.

Band: Grades 5- 8

Students who are interested in pursuing band in high school are strongly encouraged to take this course as it is a pre-requisite for many higher level band programs.   Students are required to purchase or rent their desired instrument for class and will also need to purchase a music book in addition to the annual fee which covers supplies.  This is a full year elective.

Drama/Performing Arts:  Grades 6-8

Students will learn fundamental skills like breathing, voice projection and control, posture and non-verbal communication, and theater terms. Performance opportunities could include chapel skits, academic competitions such as PSIA, CLS Fine Arts Night, and the Spring Play.  This is a semester elective

Choir: Grades 6-8

This course will offer students the opportunity to explore many different vocal styles in large and small groups.  Class time will be spent on vocal development skills and music reading skills as well as concert preparation.  Performance opportunites could include chapel sharing, academic competitions such as PSIA, CLS Fine Arts Night, San Antonio Lutheran Schools Concert and others as community need arises.  This is a semester elective.

Guitar: Grades 6-8

Guitar I - Beginning students will learn fundamental guitar skills.  This course is designed for beginning guitar players. Students must have their own guitar for the class.

Guitar II - Is open to students who have taken Guitar I or have demonstrated proficiencey.  This course will continue building their knowledge and skills. Students must have their own guitar for the class.


Visual Arts: Grade 6-8

This course introduces students to elements and principles of design (line, shape, space, form, color, value, and texture) and (balance, rhythm, variety, harmony, and emphasis). Students will experiment with a variety of media to create visual art such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and printmaking. As students work toward an appreciation and understanding of art, they will relate visual arts to various historical and cultural traditions.  Students will learn to respect their own ideas and artistic expressions and those of others as they analyze and evaluate works of art.  This is a semester elective.