Tuition and Fees

Placing value on your child's academic and extracurricular experience is impossible.  At Concordia, every child is part of a thriving community, richly blessed with state-of-the-art technology, qualified and certified teachers trained in instructional strategies that support every child's learning, and programs designed to allow each child to discover their gifts and talents in athletics, Fine Arts, academics or STEM subjects. With a foundation in God's word, our curriculum and programs provide each student the opportunity to grow in faith, serve in love and achieve at every level. 

We understand that cost is an important factor for families to consider when choosing a school. We want you to know and understand the financial responsibility involved with this critical decision. 

Our tuition is payable in ten monthly installments (August through May). Our billing partner is FACTS, and families manage tuition payments through this online system. Each family creates and maintains a FACTS account upon enrollment at Concordia. 

                                                 Yearly tuition:                      Registration fee:

Pre-K part time:                           $6,672                                        $325                              

Pre-K and Kindergarten:             $9,404                                        $365 

Grades 1 through 5:                    $9,404                                        $465

Middle School:                            $10,162                                      $525