Gifted, Talented, and Enrichment Program
  • GTE Program Philosophy and Overview


    Concordia Lutheran Gifted Talented & Enrichment

    Program Philosophy

    “Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them.” ~ Romans 12:6




    Concordia Lutheran’s gifted students need a qualitatively differentiated program that is advanced, complex, and in-depth. 


    Core Values:

    • Guide students to use high intellectual abilities to impact how they and others see, believe, and receive Jesus, and serve Him with their gifts.
    • Develop advanced, interactive relationships and strong communication skills to clearly articulate original ideas.
    • Mastery of complex processes of in-depth subject matter, shown through well designed, meaningful products.


    Optimal development includes…

    • producing the highest level of adaptive problem solvers and perceptive thinkers
    • creating highly effective communicators
    • guiding learners to be focused and self-directed
    • creating self-actualizing children of God
    • nurturing in-depth intrapersonal and interpersonal potential
    • developing creative, analytical, and evaluative thinking skills through inquiry and/or project-based learning