Code of Conduct

A Christian school is not only a preparation for a Christian life, it is Christian life itself. God's word and God's children are a Christian school's most valuable resources. In order to provide a productive learning environment, our school has determined school-wide rules and guidelines for conduct and discipline. These rules and potential disciplinary actions are a positive part of the Christian educational process.

Grades 6-8 have a Middle School Classroom Management Plan. All teachers work together to implement the plans which include positive incentives.

Behaviors subject to disciplinary action include: fighting, profanity, possession of unacceptable materials, intimidation/ harassment of fellow classmates, and repeated misconduct.

At times, disciplinary measures are necessary and will be implemented. The actual forms of discipline vary and include a process of actions. The measures used include: behavioral contracts, counseling, detention, and restriction of recess.

Cooperation with these guidelines by students, teachers, and parents is expected in a spirit of Christian love.