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Our mission at Concordia Lutheran School is to share the love of Christ with one another, the family, the community, and the world through a quality, Christ-centered educational program.

Located in north San Antonio, Concordia Lutheran School has been serving the community for over 50 years!  We continue to offer a balanced, stimulating, and challenging educational program for grades Pre-K (4) through Eighth Grade. 

 "Our children learned to pray, to value each other as precious gifts of God.  Here our children learned to read and write, calculate mathematics, and to play a great game of football.  But more importantly, here our children learned to love, to trust and live a Godly life."  -Parent of a student graduate

"Concordia Lutheran School is like the cords of life that weave love, Christianity, and a stellar education into one extraordinary experience for children and their families.  CLS exudes warmth and friendship and is more than a school.  It truly is a blessing." -Parent of a student graduate

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